I am Astrid Winkeler and madameboss is my platform where I share knowledge and experience from and for women in leadership positions.

I am firmly convinced that it is good for everyone in companies - male and female employees, but also owners and shareholders - if we achieve a balanced gender ratio, including in leadership positions.

Because the world needs both perspectives to make good decisions in the long term.

I would like to make my contribution to this and encourage women.

Courage to be themselves. Courage to lead. And courage to succeed.

Growing up in Simmozheim, Southern Germany, I spent a year as a foreign exchange student in Jay, Oklahoma, USA, where I developed my love for the United States and also found my American family. 

After high school, I trained as an industrial clerk and completed my studies in International Business with a masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Pforzheim, one of the leading business schools in Germany. 

In the meantime, I can look back on more than a decade of experience in leadership positions in various internationally operating companies with valuable experiences in dealing with male and female executives.

I was trained by Dr. Peter Modler and am a certified coach for the method "Profit by Difference. Coaching according to Dr. Modler®". 

I also completed my coach training at Robbins-Madanes Training under my teachers Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes, Mark Peysha and Magali Peysha and am a Robbins Madanes Trained Coach.  

Currently I am Head of Corporate Communications for a large, international company in Germany.

I am also active as a town council woman in my home town and I am involved in various women's networks as well an active member of the aid organisation "Frauenwürde Manisita" (Women's Dignity Manisita). 

"Astrid Winkeler introduced the participants of our career program to the theory and challenges of the two different communication systems. While role playing the experienced scenes, possible strategies could be applied and tried out right away. Astrid Winkeler shows how women can recognize signals in male-dominated environments and use them for their own advantage, whether in the lab or at a conference. She does this in an exciting and interactive way. Thank you, Astrid!"

Patricia Zweifel, Deputy Head of Diversity & Inclusion, University of Basel

"Astrid Winkeler is not only a successful manager who can perform internationally. What impresses me most about her is her ability to switch between different communication systems, and then to explain well how she does it. She has not only familiarized herself with my method, but actually applies it in a highly professional manner. Chapeau!"

Dr. Peter Modler

"You want to strengthen your female employees and make them more self-confident? Then a workshop with Ms. Winkeler is just the right thing! With her refreshing, humorous and honest manner, Ms. Winkeler managed to pull all female colleagues along, to reflect on themselves and to encourage them to break out of their own comfort zone - in order to be heard and understood better by the opposite sex and to ward off conflicts elegantly. Thank you for this!"

Julia Baatz, Deputy Equal Opportunities Commissioner, Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, Germany


"Anyone who is "visible" in the working world and, for example, contributes ideas and views in meetings, is vulnerable. Astrid Winkeler knows how to tell an entertaining story about the disrespect with which one is then all too often confronted. But help is at hand: in her talks like the one for Motor Presse Stuttgart, she explains the background and, above all: how to parry effectively and keep the reins in your hand. Spoiler: It's simple, and repartee unnecessary. Thank you!"

Kirsten Segler, Corporate Communications Consultant, Motor Presse Stuttgart

"With Astrid Winkeler, suddenly difficulties become challenges, that are just fun to deal with."

S. Rösch


"Ms Winkeler - you always hit the mark with your posts. I often have the feeling that they are written exclusively for me. You are an inspiration! More of that, please..."

A. Mayer


"Astrid Winkeler says what others may only think. Her blog motivates people not only to wish quietly, but to actively demand. Thanks for that!"

L. Schillinger


"As a former employee of Ms. Winkeler, I was lucky enough to have many interesting and deep conversations with her that went far beyond the "daily business". The posts on her blog are always both an inspiration and encouragement to me and always make me smile with the humorous and honest way they are written."

Vittoria Catalano